Efficienthinker is all about efficientenergy, efficientwater and efficientlife!

In a world of ever increasing demand on resources such as energy and water; there has never been a greater need to be more efficient with what we use and how we use it. From our energy production and consumption to our preservation and use of water; across the board we can improve our efficiency. On this blog I’ll combine philosophy, science and politics to share my ideas of how I think we can become more efficient in the future…

In a nutshell- the world doesn’t make sense and these are my own sub-rational thoughts formulated in my attempt to clarify the nonsensical mumbo-jumbo that surrounds us all!

About the author: Mitchell Baker

Exploration Geologist (Bsc.)

Studied at The University of Adelaide with majors in Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Geoscience.

Advocate for Nuclear Power


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